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At the Law Offices of Ivy Chien, P.C., in San Jose, CA, we believe mediation is often the best way for both spouses to face the future if your marriage is to be dissolved. Based on years of Family Law experience, we believe that couples considering an uncontested divorce and particularly those familiar with Mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution, are typically more willing to resolve their differences by themselves rather than having a third party rule how they will manage various aspects of their lives. In some cases, mediating a marriage dissolution case in advance of a filed lawsuit enables each party to present their case to a mutually selected mediator before any money is spent on litigation. The legal costs associated with mediating a case maybe less compared to the costs of each spouse hiring their own attorney or law firm.

Mediation is not intended to reunite you and your spouse. The mediation process creates a plan for living apart; and the mediator's goal is to facilitate a plan for each individual in a "rational and decisive way," by which each spouse finds their own solutions to what faces them in the months and years to come.

Everyone knows divorce is one of the most difficult experiences we can face in our lives and agree it's even more difficult when children are involved. Finding the wisdom and energy to find a mutually cooperative agreement right now, for some, may seem impossible. But that's the whole point about mediation, and hiring a mediator, isn't it? The objective of mediation is, in fact, to avoid conflict. The polarization of a "you vs. him" or "you vs. her" court case is not for the faint hearted or those with limited financial resources. Mediation provides the means to get a legally binding divorce agreement that is worked out and mutually agreed upon by both spouses. The goal of mediation is to find solutions, place emphasis on the future, and do so in a timely manner. It's the mediator's goal to facilitate this process.

Mediation in California is a viable option for those who prefer to "stay out of Court" but does not take away your legal right to take your case to Court or Trial if mediation is not to your satisfaction.

Mediation can provide:

  • less financial expenditure.
  • a focus on current and future issues vs. past personal conflicts.
  • more flexibility
  • more control over decision outcomes.
  • confidentiality.
  • a good faith legal environment to reach mutually acceptable resolutions.

The Law Offices of Ivy Chien, P.C. provides a non-adversarial, informal and flexible approach to divorce-conflict resolution. Unlike a judge, or arbitrator, decision making authority does not reside with the mediator, but instead with the each person seeking dispute resolution.

The Law Offices of Ivy Chien, P.C. believes Family Law Mediation is a highly confidential, practical and effective methodology that can resolve differences and problems. For those wanting help in the Sunnyvale and San Jose (Santa Clara county) areas our law office is located just off Hwy 880 (LEFT onto THE ALAMEDA heading South / CA-82). Contact the Law Offices of Ivy Chien, P.C., to speak with an experienced San Jose family law attorney.

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