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From A.N.

My divorce happened to be lengthy, drawn out and painful. So often when working with professionals, they can be hurried, and don't take the time to help me educate myself about the alternatives available to me. Ivy helped me understand all the issues involved and took the time to help me research anything I wanted to understand better. This was critical because I was naive, had no experience in family law, and wanted to make informed choices that were vital to my case.

I was impressed most by her compassion and patience. Countless times she helped me understand why my first impulses were exactly the opposite of what I needed to do. Over time I developed a trust in her advice, and felt secure knowing she was watching over my case so I could focus on rebuilding my relationship with my kids, a new partner, and career. She is energetic, ethical, and very positive to work with. She was flexible when I was unemployed for a time, and gave me excellent advice as to how to save money, keep expenses down and avoid having to pay unnecessary fees.

Ivy's rounded character and brilliance shined most when we were forced to take a contentious issue directly before a judge. Division of property, custody of the children, allegations of abuse, criminal charges, restraining orders, family counseling; she was able to help me with each of these in turn and has experience in all the potential malicious tactics I encountered. She never backed down when I needed to stand my ground, and helped me understand how to pick my battles. I saw her up against the best, and she helped me prevail. Thanks to Ivy, my life is back on track and my divorce will soon be a distant memory.

From J.B.

To whom it may concern,
I am writing in regards to my attorney Ivy Chien. I started working with Ivy over 2 years ago and have not had any regrets since doing so.  To the contrary, I wish that I had worked with Ivy from the beginning of my marital problems.  With Ivy, a client is blessed with someone who not only has a total sense of professionalism and support, but an honest voice of reason and strategy.  Ivy always explained not only each and every possibility with me, but also the implications of each option.  She is smart, quick, and gives me the support that I need at every step of the process.  She never gave me false expectations but always showed me a way that matters could be made better.  She worked with me with the intent of making my life and my son's life better and less confrontational, while always seeing that I was protected against possible legal attacks by my former spouse.  Ivy was warm and friendly from the start, but was always willing to explain why we should follow a course of action that led to improvements in our lives rather than revenge or other counter productive results.  I have had a relaxed sense of safety in all matters legal and financial since this relationship began.  I felt that someone always had my back.  Someone who was very good at her job and who would be prepared for whatever problems might arise.  I can not begin to explain how helpful she has been in making bad situations so much better.  Ivy's sense of caring and her professional demeanor have given me the confidence I needed to go about my life after a bad series of events.  She helped so much in getting my life back on track and moving forward.  I will always be indebted to her and would recommend her to anyone in any such a situation.

From K.L.

Ivy is very quick to understand the facts of the case and gives personal attention to make sure that the objectives and end results are achieved according to the client's expectation.  I think the most important difference between Ivy and other lawyers is her knowledge of the law and how best it can applied to the client's case. She is very reliable and highly responsive.

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